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ROLLAND Company, a French based company created in 1969, offers a large range of products covering fire sprinklers and irrigation systems.

During its history the company has continued to evolve to adapt to changing market and expand its activities. Evidence of this is the creation of a fire protection department.
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For the last 20 years, ROLLAND designs and manufactures sprinklers and alarm valves for fire protection systems. Rolland is the only French manufacturer to do so.

With ROLLAND you’ll get benefits of regular development of new products and accessories of very high quality. ISO 9001-2008 certified, our products are approved by organizations such as Factory Mutual (FM, USA) and The Loss Prevention Council (LPC, UK) guarantees respect for the quality of our products. Our human size structure allows us to adapt to rapidly changing markets and to respond quickly to our customers' needs.  

Key dates:
1994: creation of the Fire Department.
1995 marketing of the first sprinklers.
1996 expansion of the range with alarm valves.
2002 marketing of the first flexibles in France with Rapidrop.
2010: Marketing of the Flexible KOFULSO / EASYFLEX.
2015: 20 years of presence in fire protection.

FM approval
UL approval
LPCB approval
ISO 9001
Made in France

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